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The Mindful Bride Tribe is For Those Who Identify as A Woman and Non-Binary Members.

The Members – Only Community

All Are Welcome Here.

The Mindful Wedding Community That Minimizes Wedding Stress + Overwhelm While Re-Inspiring The Joy Of Planning Your Wedding

Have You Dreamed About Planning

Your Wedding Imagining It To Be So Enjoyable

and Exciting… And Now You Are In A

Very Different Experience?

You Are Not Alone

Are you judging yourself for how you feel? Thinking thoughts like:

  • Do I invite them?
  • Why can’t it be about me for once in my life?
  • How will I ever know which vendors to book, there are too many options!
  • Why is my family acting so weird about planning my wedding? Everyone wants me to do it their way instead of how I want my wedding…

Am I


We have grown up hearing about weddings and Bridezilla’s.
There has been a negative perspective around the Bridezilla which some can say is
understandable on the surface however if you take a moment a look a little
deeper You might realize a few things.

Definition: Bridezilla – a woman whose behavior in planning her wedding
is regarded as obsessive or intolerably demanding.

Brides POV On Her Obsessive Behavior – I want everything to be perfect for my
wedding that I have been dreaming of since I was a little girl. It has to be perfect.

The Deeper: The obsessive behavior is fear based. Coming from a place of
worry, control for everything to be perfect. When we try and control everything,
we are gripping an outcome instead of being open to allowing it to
flow and come to us however it is ready to show up.

It is also connected to self worth and value – The “Bridezilla” is
a Scared Bride thinking thoughts like:
– What if my wedding isn’t perfect and people judge me?
– What if people don’t act right and it ruins my whole wedding?

Whether you are just beginning your wedding planning journey or you have been at it for a while, you are in the right place!

Common Wedding Related Stressors That Couples Experience:

Planning Overwhelm?

Are You looking at everything and feeling like its way too much? Does planning your wedding feel impossible?

When is the last time you took a deep belly breath?

Try it now. Breathe into your belly & exhale slowly.
Now how do you feel?

We will help you shift perspective and flow through your checklist one item at a time.

Family Drama?

Is everyone sharing their opinions? Are they wanting you to have the wedding of Their Dreams?
Every dynamic is unique however we have found that most often they are aiming to help you not realizing its creating extra stress for you. Sometimes clear communication can clear it right up.
We help you pause, check in with yourself, and shift your mindset and also create healthy boundaries where it resonates.


Bridezilla is a term created to describe a Bride who is very stressed, overwhelmed, and feeling like no one gets what she is going through. She is likely getting triggered for various reasons and acting out from a place of fear. It doesn’t have to be a “bad” thing. Planning Weddings bring things up and that’s okay. Once we have a better understanding about things it’s easier to make shifts.


Right now you have the opportunity to learn how create your dream wedding with intention and mindfulness.

Instead of struggling with wedding stress and anxiety, imagine how it would feel to finally…

Have an enjoyable and smooth planning experience
Grow In Your Self Awareness + Shift Perspectives
Have a community of Mindful Brides Cheering You On
Navigate Family Dynamics And Stress With Ease And Support
Experience The Joy of Planning Your Wedding
Be Fully Present On Your Wedding Day
Real Results

I’m Cassidy –

I am so grateful that our paths have aligned and You are here. I am passionate about helping Brides (Those Who Identify as A Woman and Non-Binary Members ) feel good and in their world. I have been in the wedding industry for 15+ years and have watched couples experience so much “stress” that they were never able to relax and enjoy their wedding day. I have seen and worked with couples over the years that shared how overwhelmed they felt while planning their weddings that they often wanted to give up.

I created The Mindful Bride Tribe to support Brides throughout their wedding planning journey reminding them they deserve to feel good!

The Mindful Bride Tribe

Join our supportive community of Brides (Those Who Identify as A Woman and Non-Binary Members ) planning Their weddings, learning mindful tools + Art Techniques, to manage wedding stress + overwhelm, while creating the wedding of their dreams.

What Is Included In My Monthly Membership?

$29/Month – Founding Members Price

  • Access To Mindful Tools, Exercises, + Videos
  • Monthly Q+A Group Coaching Calls With Cassidy Via Zoom- Helping You Gain Clarity On How TO Navigate Challenging Family Dynamics With Ease And Grace
  • Mindful Wedding Planning Guide
  • Exclusive Mindful Wedding Meditations Including: – Help Calm Wedding Stress + Overwhelm
  • Live Monthly Art Class Including Art Techniques + How To Connect And Transmute Your Energy Into Something Beautiful ( No Experience Necessary – We are all artists within… I guide You On How To Connect With Your Inner Artist )
  • Live Meditation Classes Via Zoom
  • Breath work Classes
  • Live Meditation Classes Via Zoom
  • Private Members Facebook Community
  • Self Love Practices
  • Perfect Wedding Day Visualization Meditation
  • Monthly Lives With Industry Experts To Help Answer Your Planning Questions
  • Perfect Wedding Day Visualization Meditation
  • Community of Mindful Brides Offering Heart Inspired Support To Each Other
  • And So Much More!

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Wedding Vision Board Master Class

Mindful Wedding Planning 101 Mini Course

Wedding Day Meditation


Ready to finally feel Lighter and Good while planning your wedding?


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Frequently Asked

  • If you are planning your wedding or getting ready to
  • Feeling alone
  • Decision Overwhelm
  • Wanting a community of friends cheering you on
  • A place to share and celebrate wedding wins
  • A safe space to vent and share challenges without judgment
  • Learn healthy ways to navigate Wedding stress + overwhelm
  • Always loved art and want to do more of it
  • Want to learn more about Mindfulness and self-awareness
  • Desire to feel good while planning your wedding
  • Be present on your wedding day

Absolutely! We are an All-Inclusive Community and Everyone is welcome here. We want to help and support anyone who is part of planning a wedding.

Yes! You can absolutely gift a membership to someone who is planning their wedding. The peace and community they will experience is priceless.

Absolutely. There are monthly group coaching calls along with live Q+A sessions each month. We encourage you to ask questions to gain your clarity. There is also an emergency access number if you need emergency support.

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