My Favorite Wedding Affirmations

Affirmations are so helpful to use in life. Especially when you have a focus on aligning to more of something, desire something, are stepping into a new version of yourself, or even as reminders of what you already know within you.

I personally love to use affirmations 3 ways:

Recorded Affirmations: I LOVE to have my favorite affirmations recorded and played with soft meditation music. I can listen to it when I wake up in the morning, during a meditation, or sometimes when I am going to sleep at night. I find it helpful to use them in meditation and repeat them to yourself or out loud. What ever feels resonate for you is perfect.

Post-It Notes Affirmations: Another fun way to use affirmations is to get a few stacks of post it note paper. I love to use different colors to make it fun. You can create your own affirmations or use ones that you have found. You can write the affirmation on the post it and put it wherever you’d likely see it and read it most frequently. I like to put them on the bathroom mirror and my fiancĂ© loves to put them all over the house. ( This is super fun for me because I never know where these beautiful reminders will show up but I am always grateful when they do.

Hand Written Affirmations: At different times in my life I have found it super helpful to write my favorite affirmations over and over again. It helps me focus on what I am desiring, calling into my world. There is something about good ol fashioned writing it out. I usually include that into my journaling practice. You can pick any affirmations you like, use them as they are or create your very own. Whatever way feels good is perfect for you.

We are Gifting You Original Art Affirmations ( Grab Yours Today For Free! ) I created these just for you! I have my original art mixed with my favorite wedding and self care affirmations that I created. Display them anywhere you’d like. You can print them out and tape them to different places or even make them into a wall hanging. You can use them as a screen saver on your phone or computer. Its endless!

A Few Wedding And Self Care Affirmations That You Can Begin Using Now As You Plan Your Wedding.

  • Planning My Wedding Is Joyful
  • I Am Grateful I Am Planning My Dream Wedding
  • I Am Always Supported And Loved
  • I Make Wedding Decisions With Ease
  • I Feel Good While Planning My Wedding
  • Everything Is Always Working Out For Me

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