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We are so happy to have you here. Mindful Weddings was created with You in mind. The busy Bride, planning her wedding, doing her best to plan her wedding while working full time, balancing family, self care, and now learning all about wedding planning. And wow! Sometimes it can feel like a full time job with all the decisions, lists, vendors, meetings, etc. And then you may have your family who is very involved as well.

The thing that no one tells you is how many emotional things get brought up while you are planning your wedding. And when I say things come up, I mean your own emotions, sometimes your mother or parents, sibling, or even things with you and your fiancé. You might have things with your wedding party and other family members.

Everyone is so excited and wants to give you all their best ideas and advice. But sometimes that advice may seem like control or maybe just entirely not be your vibe. And guess what? Its OKAY! Life for real, its okay to not want to apply the advice or suggestions from your aunt Sally or your own mother. The thing is, weddings and elopements are about the couple getting married, sharing their sacred vows and then having a celebration with family and friends. And its important for the couple to DO WHAT FEELS GOOD AND RESONATE WITH THEM. Because after all, it is Your wedding.

Now, I understand that this is where it can sometimes feel a little tricky. What happens if your parents are paying for your wedding and want you to have your wedding at a golf club and you are dreaming about eloping in on a cliff overlooking the ocean in Hawaii?

Well… there is some work to do. And when I say work, it isn’t to scare you. It’s that you want to find ways to communicate your desires to your parents. And before doing that, it is helpful for you to be really present, make sure your energy is feeling good and calm, and then take a few moments to focus on what you want to have happen. What outcome are you dreaming of? When we set out to do something, if we take a pause and few deep breaths, get clear on what we are aiming to align to and create in the next moment. Once you have a clear image of that, then its time to take the next steps and have a conversation with your parents, write a letter to them, or what ever resonates for you.

Sometimes it can be that simple. You can have a desire, get clear, focus on it, take steps and then it happens. And sometimes there may be more layers to go through. When I say layers, I am saying that there could possibly be more then one conversation to be had with your mother. Maybe she has her own things coming up from her past wedding that she is or isn’t fully aware of. Or maybe she just got super excited and had a vision and you are here to share and create a new vision. When we assume, we don’t always know what’s going on with our loved ones. I have found that if you just speak up, ask for clarity or understanding, usually you will come to an agreement.

The above is just one example of many different scenarios that I have heard about and coached Brides through over the years. Sometimes it’s a simple as shifting our perspective and seeing something from another view. And sometimes there is deeper to go. Mindful Weddings and The Mindful Bride Tribe was created to help support Brides through exactly this. And so much more. We have Mindful Tools, Meditations, Visualizations, Affirmations, Breath work, Group coaching calls, a beautiful community of Brides who are just like you, and so much more.

Wedding planning is such a sacred, exciting time for you and your partner. You deserve to enjoy the experience, feel happy and joyful as you are planning your magical day. Mindful Weddings is here to help you do exactly that. To offer support, mindset shifts, meditation and breath work classes, Dream Wedding vision boarding workshops, group coaching calls to work through more challenging situations. You will connect with other Mindful Brides and share your wedding journey. This is a High Vibe Bride Tribe. We are so grateful you have aligned to us.

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