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The Mindful Bride Tribe is For Those Who Identify as A Woman and Non-Binary Members

Every Bride Deserves To Enjoy Her Wedding Planning Journey + Wedding Day.

Mindful Weddings and The Mindful Bride Tribe was created to Guide Brides from anxious, stressed out and overwhelmed, into feeling calm, steady, and excited about their wedding. We hold space, share community, teach mindful tools and practices that when applied, will transform your entire wedding experience in the best possible ways.

Introducing The Mindful Bride Tribe

A supportive community of Brides planning Their weddings, learning mindful tools + Art Techniques, to manage wedding stress + overwhelm, while creating the wedding of their dreams.

Hi – I’m Cassidy

I am passionate about helping Brides feel good and enjoy their wedding planning journey and wedding day.

I love watching people grow into their best selves. I love it even more when they are able to realize how amazing they are, believe in themselves, take the steps and cultivate what lives in their Heart to share with the world.

It Is Possible To Experience Joy While Planning Your Dream Wedding.

There are many stories about Bridezilla’s however that isn’t You. Those aren’t Your stories and You don’t have to take them on as Your own. You can decide right now to feel good + focus on exactly what You want to happen.

Our Offerings

*The Mindful Bride Tribe Membership

*Manifest Your Dream Wedding *Coming Soon*

*Mindful Wedding Planning 101 *Coming Soon*

What Does Your Daily Self Care Ritual Look Like?

Here are a few of mine:

*Morning Workout

*Morning Meditation

*Intention Setting

*Creating Art


Upcoming Courses

Mindful Wedding Planning 101 – A Modern Brides Resource To Creating The Wedding Of Her Dreams With Ease.

This course will teach you the tools to navigate wedding stress and overwhelm, grow in your own self awareness, understand and outgrow triggers, and overall feel good and empowered while planning your wedding.

    Manifest + Align To Your Dream Wedding – A Brides Guide To Manifesting + Aligning To Her Dream Wedding.

    This course will teach you how to manifest and co create your dream wedding with the universe. We go into the energy of life, mindset shifts, outgrowing old stories and beliefs and raise your vibe to attract and align to the most perfect Wedding Day.

      Always Remember

      Investing In Yourself Is The Best Investment You Will Ever Make.

      The time you invest into You, will be the best time you have spent. You are the center of your entire universe and the more you work on yourself the more you will see the beautiful reflections out in the world shining back at you.

      Free Mindful Timeline Guide – Gain clarity on how your wedding day will flow.

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        Why I Became A Mindful Wedding Educator

        I have been on my own self love journey on and off since I was about 16. I recommitted to myself being the best version of me possible in 2018. In 2019, I began to see real results in my personal world from my self care practices. I began sharing the knowledge with anyone who was open to listening including Brides before and while I was photographing their wedding. I began to seeing the difference it made when I simply encouraged a deep breath or to take a few moments for themselves. With what began as a great idea has now turned into a beautiful supportive community of Mindful Brides who are consciously and intentionally creating their dream wedding day while being the best versions of themselves in the process..

        Wedding Affirmations

        Our favorite Self Love + Wedding Affirmations.

        The Mindful Guide

        Mindfulness 101 – A Beginners guide to mindfulness.

        Wedding Triggers – What To Do When They Come Up

        Triggers can be helpful if you know why they are showing up.

        The Mindful Bride Tribe

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